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Roland Cheek is a gifted writer with a knack for clarifying reality. Looking forward to more of his wisdom. - Carl Hammer email  

Perhaps we should issue the works of Mike Malone and Roland Cheek to potential tourists before they come to visit. - Mark Barrett email 

Dear Jane, I haven't been able to catalog them [Roland's books] because they are already going out like wildfire to students and teachers alike. I am so impressed! When one of them happens to stay for a few minutes, I'll have to read it. – Ellen Duncan, Media Generalist, Idaho Falls High School 

Dear Jane, As we were leaving for Christmas break, I gave Echoes of Vengeance to a student I know enjoys westerns and asked him to how he liked it. He was back when I opened the library January 5, ready for the rest of the series! Had to order them quick. Thanks for letting me know about Roland's books. Ann Burgeson, Librarian, Couer d'Alend High School. 

Jane, Tell Roland that what he's doing is unique and important; that he has a special way of reaching our boys who are close to falling through the cracks. Katherine Holt, Librarian, Havre (MT) High School. 

These Roland Cheek's] books are ones we seldom get a chance to see. They're types the major houses won't publish, and small publishers haven't the advertising and promotional budgets to bring them to our attention. Robert Jones, Director, Milton-Freewater [OR] Public Library  

I'm looking forward to receiving your weekly column on Roland's adventures. Those adventures and the way he puts it by far, in my opinion, surpasses any other outdoor writer. - Kenneth Harford email 

Like Louis L'Amour, Roland Cheek knows how to start a story at a gallop and hold the reader to the last page. He writes richly and authentically about the Old West, drawing from an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. - Richard Wheeler, Award-winning Western author 

Thanks for the hours of enjoyment your books have given me when I need an "outdoor fix" after a day's work. I'm looking forward to reading your newspaper column. - Brenda Chandler email 

Sapphires and Swastikas

3rd book in the "Sapphires of Yogo" series set amid Hitler's Germany



I really enjoyed your last article in the GF Trib. Your writing, while always interesting, seems to just get better as you go along. - Reid E. Thompson, DC / Cut Bank, MT  

I read with interest your article entitled "Generation Challenged Nature's Way." Would you consider allowing us to run your article in our hospital newsletter? We would like to use it to support our theme for beginning the New Year with our futures in mind. - Lori Thackeray RN, Northern Montana Hospital / Havre, MT  

I was in a very serious car wreck the 10th of Feb. and spent a month in Billings in the hospital. I'm recovering very well . . . Your books were a godsent to me--I needed something that would interest me and give me a sense of direction again. You have helped me open up my past and give it meaning and love. - John Haynes, Bozeman, MT 

In your article, you say that if we don't see goats at Hidden Lake, we could snd you a nasty letter. Has anyone ever sent you a nasty letter? I'd be curious about them if they did. -Lorie Dulemba, Naperville, IL 

Not often do I re-read old newspapers. But I sometimes do for your column. - Bill Johnson, Cameron, WI 

I am the 4th generation of a Montana ranch family and am very close to the land, and greatly concerned about what happens to it. Your columns take me that much closer to the land and certainly echoes my sentiments. - Jim Milos, Great Falls, MT 

I suppose anyone can put words on the page, but it's how you line them up that makes the difference. To be more specific it's how you take side trips in educating the reader, using a great deal of cynicism and humor to keep it fun and interesting along the way. And the major biggie--in my mind--is speaking to him or her as if seated jost on the other side of the coffee table. To read your books is a very real and personal experience. - Shirley Nestler, Reading, PA  

I knew you were a good writer, but I never before put you in the class of Michener and Clancy. You spin a good yarn and don't let it drop for a minute. You handle dialogue extremely well, and the action scenes are outstanding. You have no reason to venture so carefully into the world of novelists. - Jack Oliver, Pittsburgh, PA       

Sapphires At War

2nd book in the "Sapphires of Yogo" series about the greatest gemstone discovery in history



coming soon

For Love of Sapphires

First of four books in the "Sapphires of Yogo" series about the fabulous sapphire mine of central Montana

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