A national wire service picked up the Chocolate Legs story. Then the New York Times joined the fray while investigators searched for the missing hiker. The body was found; bears were implicated. But which bear? Or bears? Chocolate Legs was identified. Unfortunately, by the time the investigation was complete, Chocolate Legs had disappeared into Glacier Park's wild backcountry in company with a big handsome male grizzly who was bent on seduction.

Isn't this developing all the twists and turns of a Stephen King thriller!

Is there anything in her narrative to excite your imagination? In case you're still undecided, here are a few Amazon testimonials about the book from folks who've read it:

All you ever wanted to kmow about grizzlies but were afraid to ask... July 22, 2013
Roland cheek is remarkable with his encyclopedic knowledge of the flora and fauna in and around glacier park and then weaving it all into a tapestry of the lives of grizzlies in the wild, and chocolate legs in Particular. An entertaining and informative read.

Good read July 16, 2013
Gets you drawn in to the bear and makes you want to keep reading hoping for the best but knowing from the beginning what is to come.

Most Awesome Book I Have Ever Read July 2, 2004
This is the most awesome book I have ever read, and I love to read. This is a must-read for anyone who is interested in wildlife. Besides being totally intriguing, it can change the very way you look at life. Roland Cheek always puts out great books, but he hit the jackpot with this one!

Chocolate Legs June 29, 2003
I love the folksy style of author Roland Cheek. He is not a bear biologist, but he knows his bears!!!I just finished reading this book for a second time, and I feel another star is due. Maybe the best part of this book is that Roland Cheek is NOT A BEAR BIOLOGIST!!!!


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How can anyone claim to write a true-life story of a wild grizzly bear? What cheek! What arrogance!

Okay, it wasn't easy. But she was a beautiful animal, so distinctively marked with her chocolate-colored legs and facial mask, not to mention her gorgeous blond torso with the long and waving guard hair across her hump and back.

She was an animal that everyone noted, on which all commented.

But she seemed too familiar with people, wanted to hang around them--especially their food. So she was trapped by Glacier Park biologists, fitted with a radio collar and moved to a remote region of the Park where she roamed for ten unmolested years--until she surfaced again near campgrounds and tourists; more assertive now, more demanding.

Then a lone hiker disappeared in an area her radio collar disclosed she roamed. Then another.

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