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Wolfpack On the Move Audio

Ever hear a wolfpack on the move? Neither had I until a friend and I were hiking in Glacier Park, late one fall. Fortunately Lacy Sayre caught the surprising range of their vocalizing in this 2-1/2 min. audio. The first (loudest) howl you hear is Lacy triggering their response. After that, it's all wolf talk.

During Construction

Glacier Park's Ptarmigan Tunnel

Constructed by death-defying, devil-may-care mining men during the Great Depression, this charismatic trail and tunnel opens up one of the most scenic vistas of Glacier National Park. See the tunnel under construction, and today.

Partnering With Your Pony

There's the carrot and there's the stick. But if you want the most from your adventures, you and your pony will become partners. This 7-1/2 minute audio/slide show provides tips on how.

Jane's Campfire Cooking Magic

She didn't tempt me with taste, but she sure as hell kept me with condiments. And only the best danged campfire cook in the world could've done that to a big, tough, red-blooded Jim Bridger wannabee like me. You'll find 9 minutes of proof in this audio/visual "how-to"

Anasazi: Tracking the Ancient Ones

It's a far different landscape from the northern end of the Rockies, where I live; but it's a refreshing change to visit the stark mesas and canyons while winter grips Glacier and Yellowstone. Gets in your blood, too. 10 min.

I remember eating food cooked on that Maytag lid! Thanks for jostling loose some memories. Those were the best of times. [email from Mike Vancil]

Thanks Roland. Really enjoyed that one. We eat pretty good as well, but not that well. Unfortunately for us we have no Jane in our camps . . . yet! [email from Ken Brown]

Good Lord! What beautiful pictures! What beautiful food! What beautiful narration! . . . I have never been clever with table settings, and loved the red bandannas with blue pots and how cleverly they were arranged. [email from Patti Sherlock]

Kids 'n Horses: A Match Made In Heaven (or Hell)--Parents Choice!

An 11 minute production filled with commonsense and tips for matching your child with the perfect training kit to insure love and devotion between child and horse. Bob Jones, President of Back Country Horsemen of California's Redshank Riders, called it a "marvelous presentation" -- for a reason.

This was a marvelous presentation. You have single-handedly saved countless older horses from neglect or euthanasia and have put promise back into their lives. Bravo for you Sir, and bravo to you also for your vision in helping to found the BCH of which I'm a proud member. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. [email from Bob Jones, Pres. BCHC Redshank Riders]

Thanks for being a BCH founder, and for reminding us that the future is in our children's and grandchildren's hands and saddles. [email from Elizabeth Testa]

Add me to your alert list. The kids slide show was great. Loved it! You have a way with words. [email from Cheryl Myres]

I have tears as I write. It's hard to explain how/why the kids n' horses chokes me up so much, but I'll try. First, every adult that listens has to be sheepish in their own guilt of false expectations between the child and the horse. Clearly, the intention is filled with love, yet it is misplaced and the kid stands just about no chance. It's so beautiful. I can see why this program got so much response -- it's a universal experience filled with wisdom. I also understand why the man wrote to say that you might be saving a lot of horses from going to the glue factory. [email from Cheri Johnson]

Bob Marshall Wilderness In Art

We became a team: the talented artist exhibited in art centers throughout America and Europe, and the stove-up old outfitter who spent two lifetimes in some of the wildest lands on the North American Continent. Tom Saubert's depiction of what he saw and felt and created is the 7 minute result.


How-tos of An Adventure-Filled Outdoors Literary Career

There was a little luck and a whole bunch of design in becoming successful, first as a wilderness guide, then as a writer. Roland tells how during this 30 minute television interview at Montana State University's Great Falls campus.

Listen! Learn! Enjoy!

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